Paypal No Seller Protection

      Well it all began when i purchased a USB SD Pocket Portable Mini LED Projector 720P 50Lumens
 Item no: 260836246300 Sale date: 08/16/1 Quantity: 1 for $40.00 cad  which every other seller sells for $350.00 . .   Well being the fast payING EBAYER, I paypaled the money thru auctiva which sat there for three days being unclaimed .

     I went back to ebay to see the status there, and the item was removed and the seller's account was deleted . I filed a dispute with Ebay which sent me to paypal . 10 days later the seller gave them a chinese tracking number that was invalid for 5 days . then there was movment in china outbound for the US .. Well sept 9 I get a tiny envelope with a tiny plastic blue bead in it that required me to sign for the envelope .

     Today I called paypal which was supposed to resolve this case ON 9/11/11 with the fraudster and low and behold case was closed for reason seller can provide delivered package . I LOST MY FREAKIN MONEY . BASTARD PAYPAL NEEDS TO GO DOWN . OVER A MONTH OF WAITING FOR MY GUARRENTEED PAYPAL BUYER PROTECTION BS AND I LOST . THEY ARE HELPING INTERNET CRIMESTERS BUT NOT THEIR REAL CUSTOMERS .


Albert Davis

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