Paypal No Longer Working

Why is it that PayPal has frozen my account after 7 years and won't pay with my funds, for purchases I have made?  My account had money in it, enough to cover my purchases, yet PayPal required me to get verified using my bank account and pass words or get a PayPal credit card, that at one time I had.  I just  canceled a PayPal Master Card last week because it was not working.

Go on line and try to get a PayPal Master Credit Card, and you will find the web page down, but you can get a DEBIT CARD or put your Bank Info in to get verified. I find it interesting that PayPal can debit my account for postage,Netflicks or sales fees I owe them, but not me to pay a seller on E-bay.

I liked Paypal when it was working for the first $11,000.00  What about them taking 10 days to mail me a check for my account balance..and only $500 per month ?  I will bet you that PayPal will charge my credit card for any funds I will owe them as I only have $1.00 balance now...



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