Paypal Money Transfer Error

     I wanted to transfer $250.00 from my bank account to PayPal.  Somehow, PayPal transfered $2,500.00, which amount was not available in my account. PayPal said they could not reverse the transaction, even though I notified them immediately that there was an error. So, I called my bank to stop payment, causing me to pay a fee.  PayPal refused to help in the matter. So I ate the fee. 

     Now today,  PayPal initiated another $2,500.00 transfer.  I had numerous emails back and forth with PayPal Customer Service, at one time they said that the transfer would be $25,000.00. This has turned out to be a disaster.  I will need to place a Stop Payment again, but PayPal will continue to initiate the $2,500.00 transfer. 

     PayPal's Customer Service is the worst I have ever encountered.  I have decided that the only way to solve the problem is to deposit $2,500.00 in my bank account to cover the transfer.  I don't know what legal action I can take against PayPal.  I have lost sleep!


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