Paypal Just Refunds Buyer

     I sold a powercolor 5970, and the buyer said after one week it would not work !! This card was rock solid and perfect, but Ebay and Paypal refunded the buyer ( never told me). I get the card back after 2 week's, BUT there was no serial number on the card !!

     It's bent and damaged. This is not the card I sent , but eBay fell on the buyer's side. They have a full refund, and I am left with a different faulty card ,ripped off by ebay.and paypal,,, my loss £421.00! Buyer gets a nice working card. This is the scam. Buyers are now getting the message if they open a case, ebay & paypal just refund them, and the buyer could send a bag of nails back and ebay don't give a hoot.

Dennis McCormack


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