Paypal Is Unfair And Unethical

My problem with PayPal is that they do not fully investigate the problem and instantly side with the buyer. I had an impeccable Ebay and Paypal account until this problem occurred. The buyer claimed he did not receive the item, and I do believe he was lying. Regretfully me being a new Ebay seller was not aware that you should always get a delivery confirmation when sending anything. The buyer was upset with me because at the beginning of the transaction he chose to buy it now instead of bid on the auction so the buy it now price was $20.00 more then the auction price.

Every day the buyer was sending me emails and also threatening to leave bad feedback if I did not refund his $20.00. I had let him know that I had not got a delivery confirmation, and I think and believe that he used that detail to his advantage in getting a refund. When the problem had begun I did everything I could possibly do to try and track down the package, I even filled out a Mail Theft Report to the U.S. Postal Inspection Service with Reference number 20501155. I was only given the options to A. Provide Proof Of Delivery, B. Provide A Full Refund.

I never got a chance to explain my side of the story. Now I no longer have a PayPal account, and the $199.86 is going to be on my credit report. I refused to pay that amount back because I truly feel that this was and still is unfair and unethical.

Katie Creamer

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