Paypal Is A Joke


     On 2/09/2011 I listed an item on ebay, and the item was purchased. I had an email from paypal saying I need to give them the tracking number before funds would be released. Another email said that I had been paid the amount from paypal, BUT this was a scam and showed some  fraudulent activity from an ebay user. But the mails were so convincing, that I thought I'm not going to send the item until I know the funds are in my account.

     Ok, now as this was a scam, I re-listed the item again. I sold this item this time. It was genuine. The customer paid the asking amount through ebay in full. NAH checked my paypal account, and the money has been paid by the customer. This is all ok, but paypal has put this payment on hold for up to 21 days. WTF???

     They said they have to make sure the customer recieves this item and is satisfied, FOR 21 DAYS, BEFORE I RECIEVE PAYMENT, PAYPAL WHAT A JOKE. DO NOT TRUST PAYPAL AS THEY SCAM YOU TOO. They should have no reason to hold your money specially when the item was purchased from a auction site. I also have sent the product by recorded 1st class with tracking number. I  gave this to paypal, and they said I have to wait for the customer to leave feedback. If not, they will investigate after 21 days to make sure the item was received.

     Dont trust them with your money. The item I sold was a mobile phone. Anything can happen to a mobile within 21 days. The customer can re- sell and say they are not satisfied and claim there money back. DONT TRUST PAYPAL!!!

Wayne Carter

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