Paypal Horror Story

     I have been using paypal for over 3 years now for everything, but mainly on my website where I take Paypal donations for virtual goods  and VIP status. After many donations, we had one donor who donated over 3000$ over the past 2 years. He was even a mod on my forums. Then one day, he stopped talking to me via email, and days passed when I checked my paypal account to find he charged back 2900$... leaving my paypal account -2643$. Paypal locked my account, but I closed my bank account as soon as I saw what had happened. Paypal doesn't have my Real phone number. 

     But the other thing is my friend had a Paypal account also, and we switched our donation page to his paypal info to at least try to get money for our host and website, but shorty after getting a 120$ in donations, one of the 80$ donations got reviewed. They limited his account and we knew what we had was gone. We couldn't pay for OUR host or website, so we refuned the ppl who donated to the second paypal account, just not the 80$ because it was being reviewed. A month later, we won the cast of 80$, and now have 76$ locked in my friends account which is limited. He has no IDs, and his Parents won't let him send his info to Paypal.


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