Paypal Holding My Funds

     Suddenly, out of nowhere, Paypal began holding my funds and wouldn't let me "accept" a payment. They claim that my bank account could not be "verified" after using the service dozens of times earlier in the month. I can't ship if I don't get paid, and I don't get paid if I can't ship.  I call the # on the website and I get a machine that can't or won't help me to fix this. 

     The site asks for my last two deposits to my bank account, but doesn't provide a space to fit the enitire amound and has filled in the first digit of the amount already as zero, so there is only room after the decimal for the "cents" amount.  The challenge questions they require to prove my bank account aren't even challenge questions that  I use in my online banking, so of course, I only know about half the answers, and the others are so subjective as to make them useless.  So I can't get paid, pay, ship or do a goddamned thing.

They suck.

Thomas McMahon

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