Paypal Holding Money Hostage

To Whom it may concern,

This letter is concerning Pay Pal fraud.

     When I first began using Pay Pal it was to ensure my money was being safely handled over the internet, and despite their high fees it seemed worth the price to feel secure about money transactions over the internet which could easily be compromised, as history dictates. I used their service several years ago for many transactions until one day I received the message "Your account has been limited." Pay Pal claimed it was an easy process to remove the limitation. Three steps: Change your password, reset your security questions, and confirm location. 1-2-3. I completed the first two steps easily; however step #3 is where the problem lies.

     Pay Pal gives you a choice of them calling your phone # and you being able to answer or sending them sensitive information through the mail (drivers license, bills etc.) For a company who is supposed to be so concerned with security this second option is definitely in the "Ridiculous" range and does not confirm anything, because it would stand to reason if someone stole your identity they could possibly have access to such things. I opted for the phone call; however, they would not accept my phone # as a valid number to call. I called Pay Pal and had to resolve the situation over the phone with them. After much frustration the issue was resolved.

     I did not do a lot of business with Ebay or Paypal for several years and then recently I decided to sell off some of the "clutter" I had accumulated over the years in order to collect a down payment on a house; the account limitation long forgotten. Not only were homes prices very low but every purchase helps our economy recover, so the time seemed good. I began listing items for sale again. On 02/18/11 I had over $1300.00 in my Pay Pal account. I proceeded to transfer it to my bank account and a reminder of the past came along. "Your account has been limited" Once again, three "easy" steps. Step #3, I hit the drop down menu, as my phone # had changed (the change had been put into Pay Pal's system prior, but Pay Pal would not let me remove the old phone # and address so those options were still in their system as well) No options on the drop down menu, only the phone # from years ago. I recalled calling them before so I attempted to call and could not get through to anyone. (High call volume hmmm wonder why) I was very frustrated at this point so I emailed them as it seemed the only way to contact them or resolve the situation. I received an answer in a timely manner and the representative fixed the problem and my funds were release on 02/21/11. OK things happen and they fixed it so, no hard feelings.

     A little over a month later Pay Pal tried a new trick and now it is obvious these limitations are intentional, have nothing to do with "security" and everything to do with them collecting interest on my money, along with millions of dollars of other people's money. I went to Pay Pal to make a purchase in the amount of $535.00. I got the message that I needed to "add funds" to my Pay Pal account to make the purchase. They have never made me "add funds" before and I had just purchased a computer on 03/19/11 for $519.00 which they simply took from my checking as they always had. I was irritated because it was a 3-4 day wait before the funds were in the Pay Pal account, but I went ahead and transferred the $535.00 to Pay Pal, and wrote the seller and told him it would be a few days because of this requirement by them. He was very nice about it. During this wait I sold a few more item's on Ebay equaling a little over $300.00. On 03/27/11, I went to transfer the money to my bank account as bills would be coming due soon and guess what happened; "Your account has been limited" I attempted to cancel the "add funds" transaction of $535.00 immediately and got the message, you can not cancel a transaction once you've approved it but it's simple to resolve because once the funds go into your Pay Pal account you simply transfer them back to your bank account (Unless your account is limited)

     So, I tried the "Easy three step program" again. Hmmm I got the option to use my current phone #; that was good, but I got the message that they would only call a home number, not a cell phone. All I have is a cell phone like a large percentage of American's today and I live in a very rural area where there is no phone lines and cell service is all I get. Pay Pal doesn't tell you have to have a home line or they'll take your money and not let you retrieve it. Once again, no way to resolve the situation. I go back to the email method as that was all that worked before. I write them a strongly worded letter (No profanity) and now as of today's date they are holding $846+change hostage and I have not received any reply and cannot access any of it (but they'll be happy to receive payments) I had to watch my $535.00 go into their very incapable hands and had no way to stop it.

     Due to the fact that Pay Pal forced me to add funds to my Pay Pal account so they could hijack them now has me convinced that this is intentional mishandling of money in order for them to make more money. I believe this is their way of targeting buyers for their extra interest, as well as sellers, which they've already been doing, so they are not safe for anyone to use, for any reason. Pay Pal are not only common thieves but they are definitely doing their part to cripple our economy even more, as all of these millions of dollars sitting in their pockets could and would be going back out into our fragile economy if they had not been stolen by a monster corporation. They are a disgrace to America. I can understand corporation's raising rates, inventing new fees etc. and we have the choice to pay them or not, but Pay Pal invents the feeling of security and trust, does not tell you they will take your money for an indefinite period of time and leave you helpless and vulnerable. How we have allowed a company to go on like this unregulated is too much for my brain to process.

     Once I accepted the fact that Pay Pal was intentionally mishandling my money for their benefit, I went to the internet to find the name of the law office's handling the Ebay lawsuit, as I had received a notification concerning that lawsuit. WOW, thousands of accounts from people they had stolen from. People who had been put out of business due to "Hold's", people who couldn't buy groceries because their money had been taken, people who had relied way too much on Pay Pal and could now barely function because of their illegal practices, lawsuits, their stocks falling, settling lawsuits with out admitting guilt or changing anything, It went on and on. No wonder Pay Pal doesn't care about my money. Their just stealing more to pay for all the lawsuits! Do we live in America? Because this doesn't seem even remotely correct. How anyone would want their name associated with support of Pay Pal or the person "in their pocket" who wouldn't do anything, is beyond me.  Once this reaches its peak it has the potential to be the scandal to end all scandals.

     As for me, fortunately $846.00 is not going to cut into my groceries or break me, like so many others, though it is extremely inconvenient and irritating and has caused hardships. I had to come up with an extra $535.00 for the seller that didn't get paid and have to pull from other funds to pay my bills. I have had enough, read enough testimonials and am outraged enough that I am now dedicated enough to bringing these criminals down and this letter will be sent to anyone I think might help accomplish this. I generally do not have a lot of time to deal with babysitting companies when it comes to my money, but I'm going to make time. Anyone interested in replying to this letter can contact me at and any attorney' s or victims interested in helping bring this monster down will have my full and undivided attention.

Thank you for taking the time to read this rather lengthy letter.


Sue J. Monson

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