Paypal Hold For Multiple Accounts

     Hello, please help me make a decision with Paypal....First, I'll try explain my situation...My name is Mantas Simkus. I have an account in UK and in Lithuania I have sent a lot of emails to Paypal, but nobody is trying to respond to me. I tried to call as well a lot of times, but nobody wants to answermy questions, so I don't know what to do...

     They are telling me that I have multiple accounts,but it is not true.... They are mixing up my account, my brother's account( and my mom's account(, and we sent everybody's details to paypal, as well as pasport copies and statements. But no one contacts me to discuss the problem,so I think nobody cares...

     They are saying how to resolve the limitation but it is not working. If it isn't hard for you, help resolve this problem. Maybe you can give me Paypal's head office in United States details. How can I make contact with them? Because I was thinking an appeal to the European commision or the courts might help me to resolve that.

I hopeyou can help with that or give me directions about how I can resolve it..


Mantas Simkus

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