Paypal Hold At Christmas

     Around Christmas 2008, I paid $20 thru Pay Pal to a site called torrentleech.There was over $500 in my checking account when I made this transaction.When I checked my account a little later that day my account had a few dollars in it. My state said Pay pal had taken my money. It was Christmas, and this was all the funds I had. I contacted pay pal and asked what is going on. You cleaned my account out. I only paid a bill that was $20.

     They put me on hold and then came back and told me they had made a mistake, and they replaced the funds. The next time I tried to use my pay pal account, it was closed, and they said it was because I owed them $500. When I asked how did they come to that conclusion, they said that my bank gave me the money back so I owe them the money back that they stole from my account.

     My bank didn't give me anything, and if they did, they would not divulge any info to pay pal. Also, if my bank had paid me, I would owe the bank not pay pal. They figure they should keep the money they stole, and now those bastards have added this to my credit report.

What can I do?

Donald L. Robinson

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