PayPal Ebay Karma

About PayPal. I agree with all comments. I have had problems with e-bay and PayPal. They killed my 6 years old 100% positive 357 feedbacks account.

One time from one local auction i bought 6 micro SD cards, and i try to sell it on e-bay. All buyers opened cases because it was fake.Any way i made full refund for all of them + shipping.E-bay suspected my acount and PayPal freeze my account. E-bay suspected because they dosen`t like pay fees back

What i see next 4 months from e-bay and PayPal?

i made full refund for all buyers my account was closed but e-bay took evry months from my PayPal account $35-$57 each months. For what?

Rajiv Dutta  died January 31, 2011 It`s karma

Vlad Fendi

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