Paypal Causes A Viscious Cycle

They have ok customer service, but after awhile they will start to hang up on you! I generally hate paypals hold policy. I have to get aggressive just to get a little released here and there. It's a joke having to wait for buyer feedback on ebay, which is negative sometimes for no reason, just a bad buyer! They're a screwed up company making you wait 7 days until the item arrives, then 3 days after it's been delivered or 10 days wtf!

I use economy shipping which is better for me and my buyers. I think paypal is a ponzi scheme of sorts.They are using people's money to gain mass interest with the excuse of protecting buyers. To some extent it's legitimate, but they abuse their power.

I have had my cash held for 45 days. Some has been released but never the full amount. Ironically it's helped my start up buisness, but now it's annoying. I want my money. I tracked the items. I payed out of my own damn pcket for shipping. Now I have 375.00 cash. Another buyer is getting pissed at me. It's a viscious cycle.

Mike Boatright




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