Paying Triple By Mistake

     While using my laptop with a "dongle" modem to send a small postal overcharge refund via PayPal to an eBay buyer in China, there was a "Connection Reset" message. The page was not loading, and I tried to reload and eventually the payment was sent. Checking back later, I saw the payment had gone through three times. PayPal and eBay Help blame my service provider for not being able to handle PayPal data fast enough and that on reconnection my computer commanded PayPal to make the duplicate payments.

     PayPal won't refund me. All I can do is repeatedly ask the buyer to refund me which he has declined to do. Alternatively, I could go to the Police who are unlikely to entertain a £7.22 fraud loss to China. I blame PayPal for not detecting the connection problem and ending the session. There is no obvious message on eBay or PayPal that DONGLES ARE NOT SAFE TO USE WITH PAYPAL.

 Ewan Lamont

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