Overall Horrible


As the name says, I’m one pissed off PayPal user.
Here's the story, I have had two eBay items sale within the pass week, however one of them I had to refund the customer because PayPal is a bitch and sucks, the 21 day pending for your funds is ridiculous, especially when you rely on the actual shipping cost to send the item to the customer, now if I can't think of another solution, I’m going to have to refund a 2nd customer all because of PayPal's craptastic service.  I would have complained to customer service but of course PayPal doesn't believe in good customer service, they have an automated person helping you with your customer service problems.. TERRIBLE WAY TO DO BUSINESS PAYPAL!
The 21 day pending is total crap, a few months ago I sold a DVD and NEVER had to wait 21 day's till recently (the pass few days), the DVD a few months ago the pending approved over night, so what's the deal with this new 21 day pending crap? Ridiculous!!!!

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