Out Of Luck With GiftCards

I bought gift cards more than $8,000(the value is 10K dollars). The seller sent it by epress mail chekced at waive of signature. So a mail man put it in front of apartment. I did not receive it but the tracking information said the package was put in front of my apartment. I disputed this transaction at Paypal. But I losed this claim because Paypal does not cover gift cards. In this case, what should I do? It was $8,000(it is huge). Paypal said to me that I could claim this at bank because I paid it by my debit card. Is it ture? I think that Paypal did not care about this even though the seller violated Paypal's seller protection(the signature confirmation is required when it's value is $250 or more. Also, the seller did not respond at all about this. What should I do? How can I return my money or get gift cards?

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