Paypal Is Nothing But Problems


paypal never reply to any of my complaint emails!!!! on the site they say they will reply within 72 hours?
have phone up paypal customer service three times to sort out my query and nothing has been resolved.
i used my email address as a guest on payal. when i tried to open an account they would not let me use the same email address. this is the only email i have and do not want to make a new one.
phoned up paypal and explained everything. they did lots of things their end but still could not use my email address.
they said they would call and they never did.
have spent about 45 mins on the phone to them and got no where? the number was an international call and will cost me alot? very cross about this, as i have received no customer service from them!!!!
i corrected my address on their screen and on the phone but they sent details of my bank account to my old address and now a stranger has access to my account!!!!
they did not know this, it was me who told them?
then they asked me to send all sorts of paperwork to prove who i was?????
why would i send this when they have give access to a stranger to my bank account!!!
i cannot be the only person who uses the guest email as their permanent email when they open account??
explained everything to paypal customer service and they have done nothing.
also cross that my emails are being ignored.
paypal are very unprofessional and lack good customer service.
thank you

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