Not Getting Money For Bass Guitar Sold On eBay


On May 9, 2011 , Paypal sent me a notice via email stating that I would have no restrictions placed on my account, and that all had been lifted. The email went on to say that when money was deposited into my account from buyers, the funds would be available right away.  Then about four weeks ago, I sold an electronic device for guitars ($500)...and true to their word, Paypal received payment and put it into to my account immediately. Yesterday ( Oct 28, 2011) I received notice from Paypal that a bass guitar that I had sold on ebay...the buyer made a payment to me for $855, but that it would be placed on hold until I shipped the product and they could track it to verify delivery.  Once they could see that the delivery had been completed, then 3 days later they would make funds available to me.
This is complete garbage !!! I called Paypal earlier to complain, talked to two supervisors, and the most I could get out of them is that basically they have hidden rules to "protect" the sellers & buyers, and anytime they feel like it, they can place a customer's account into a pending category !!! In my case they used the excuse that I don't have enough sales with them....I told the manager that my earlier sale in the month went through without a problem, and then the manager said that every 35 days , client's history are reviewed...mind you , I have no complaints or negative feedback, and they still did this to me anyway... I feel like suing them, because they never wrote me an email to tell me that my account's status had been changed...and it wasn't until they  received money that was meant for ME that they decided to tell me in so many words, "we have your money, but we decided you can't get it right away until you mail the instrument, and we can see it's been delivered
...then we'll still take 3 more days". !!!  Imagine doing this to thousands of people on a daily basis, how much money paypal makes in interest ???  it's just plain pitiful !!!!

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