No Help From Paypal


Paypal is resisting to chargeback my account. I made an Ebay purchase , the item showed up 50 days after the purchase so I couldn't file a dispute because Paypal and be careful people PAYPAL can not open a dispute after 40 days can you believe this???? Be aware of this!!! I have paypal credit in my account so the payment that i made was that credit and the rest to the total amount owned was taken from my credit card. Another thing that you have to be aware people, DO NEVER USE YOUR PAYPAL CREDIT towards purchases, put it in your account where is safe- if you pay with the paypal credit and is over 40 days after the purchase no case no money charge back plain and simple!!!
Credit card has power- they chargeback that remaining amount but my Paypal credit close to $1200 USD I can't get it chargeback, they keep saying the same thing like Robots- sorry bla bla bla, can't do--- I have my account with them since 1997 I made plenty of business for them and now I am royally screwed just because I paid with my credit from paypal-- Be aware of that- plenty of scams out there they know the insides of Paypal stupid procedures, and they will fool you by stalling and screw you along with Paypal and smiling while they do this....

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