No Response To My Questions

I recently sold 1000 pounds of jewelery on EBay to a buyer in the UK. I was asked by the buyer not to fully insure the item as they did not want customs and excise in the UK to pick up on the full value of the item thereby avoiding duty. I stupidly did as requested, and of course the item got lost at the UK end. I sent the package from Thailand, by Parcel Force, ( Parcel Farce ) and PayPal despite knowing what the buyer had asked me to do still found in favour of the buyer. In my opinion the buyer took a gamble, but I turned out to be the loser.

You send in information to PayPal but do they respond to your questions and answers? - NO NO NO NO. The seller does NOT know what is going on until they find in favour of the buyer. In my opinion, PayPal is a shower of wankers. Does PayPal give due consideration to any dispute? - Fucking NO. They side with the buyer every time. In my situation, the buyer took the gamble, and I LOST. If I went to a betting shop and lost, I would not expect the person next to me to take the loss and for me to get my money back.

I have contacted the police in Coventry, put a claim into Parcel Force ( Farce ) Worldwide, also to BFPO Ruislip, and Coventry Local Newspaper, and I have only just started. I think you should set up a site for Parcel Force Sucks, as I am sure you would get thousands of comments. Parcel Force consists of a few wankers sitting on their arses who put out pre programmed responses to your questions.

Lucky Kid


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