New Account Frozen Forever


I live in France, but operate US-based ecommerce stores. I tried to open a US paypal account, since everything related to the business is based in the US (US LLC, US bank account, etc). 
I was able to enter my US bank account details and CC details, and confirm them.
However, the account was quickly frozen - no transaction had even taken place! -, asking for endless "verifications" with my address, SS number (which I don't have), etc.
Finally, they decided that my account was "too risky" and they ended up freezing the account definitely, without any possibility neither to close it nor to unlock it!
The result is that it's now impossible for me to use this bank account or credit card with ANY Paypal account, including my French account!
I did nothing wrong, I just thought a US paypal account would make more sense for my business, and now I'm punished for life. And of course, it's impossible to speak with anyone truly "in charge"...

Before this problem, I had other problems with my French account, which got frozen 2 or 3 times when my business started to take off... I lost many customers and transactions due to their bureaucratic nightmare!

So, I can say it with confidence, just like you guys: PAYPAL DEFINITELY SUCKS!

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