New Ebay Alternative

I registered as new domain name tonight.  It's I did this because as you have reported, Ebay is planning on running all the little guys off and making Ebay a big box store like addition to all the criminal acts they commit - like identity theft, as they have commited against me.

I've been an Ebay member since march of 1998 and am one of their longest-standing members and have seen all there is to see on their site.

I want to make 2 Dollar a ONE price, ONE fee auction site with NO "final value Fees" like Rbay is so known for.  If I can just get a tiny share of Ebay's members to frequent the site and put their items on it, I figure that 3 million items at 2 bucks a shot is a pretty good income!

Now that I'm no longer on the road driving my truck I'll have a LOT more time to publicize the site and maybe make it work.  I really think people are looking for an alternative to Ebay.

Here's my hitch:  I'm by NO means a rich guy and need financial help to get this site up, running and recognized.  If you know of anyone who might want to collaborate with me on the website I'd REALLY like to hear from them.  The first thing I want to get up is an introductory and donation page, so people can donate to the cause and help get it up and running.

If this thing is going to work i'm going to need:
- A GOOD web designer.
- Someone who knows how to get the domain name seen on the web.
- And some financial help to get it off the ground.

Your thoughts please...............?

Philip Moore
Dixon, Illinois

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