Never A Problem Until Now


Ok I have been with paypal for years. Thought it was great never any problems. Until now. Last year started drop shipping from china made it clear in the listing on eBay stuff comes from china takes a few weeks to reach ya and looks like the real thing but is not the real thing in any way shape or form. Was selling great. Paypal didn't like that so limited my account because of the extra activity. Had to prove who I was. Sent them scanned passport not good enough to prove who I was apparently. Then buyers had for some reason thought they were buying the real thing and weren't happy with the items. I mean really would you buy iPhone 5 for 40 quid and expect an apple one? If they read the description it would state it's not the iPhone apple just looks slighty like it. They all start flaming money back from paypal. Ended hominid 800 quid in paypal at one point. Asking them to send items back and many didn't even bother. Never asked for return address or even attempted to send back. Paypal and eBay state they can see the never sent the item back I never received it but they are going to give the money back anyhow! That to me is wrong and illegal! You wouldn't get away with it in a shop why should eBay be any different? Some did send back items in question and got refunded. One done a chargeback of 200 quid without sending the item. Contacted my bank who gave me the money back and payola had to give it back. Result. Anyhow some reDin my eBay account is minus 350 quid in credit and they don't want any money out of me but paypal warnings 160 quid but now gone up to minus 360 quid and gave same person refund of 200 twice! Thru have started trying to call me but only at my old address. What do I do? They want this money back for items never sent and leave me out of picket? I don't think so. I don't have that type of money available.

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