Never A Chance To Explain


An item i sold on ebay got damaged while being delivered to the customer, the customer then got paypal to reimburse them the full cost for the item until i sent the part needed to fix the damaged item. This in turn, caused my paypal account to have a negative balance which left me unable to pay for an item i had purchased on ebay previous to the issue of the damaged goods and the seller then opened an unpaid item case against me. Although i was in the process of fixing the issue that caused the negative balance in the first place, i had to pay for this item before the seller issued me an unpaid item strike. So i used my parent’s paypal account to pay for the item thinking nothing of it. I was then advised by paypal that mine and my parent’s accounts were going to be permanently closed due to having multiple accounts. I contacted paypal several times over the phone about this, and they advised that once the negative balance was removed they would look into getting my account back. The damaged item was fixed, the customer was satisfied and took away the negative balance on my account, however when i then contacted paypal they said mine and my parents paypal accounts would be closed and there was nothing we could do about it.

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