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Just joined after finding your site investigating avenues to recoup monies from an Ebay seller that did not return good sent for repair, no joy with Ebay or Paypal, due to their inadquate saftey measures, ongoing with Barclaycard over payment made, now trying avenues to exploit seller along with Ebay and Paypal.
Below is an email sent to my freind and local MP (Member of Parliament) to try and get him involved, but not sure where or what forum to post to, in an effort to get others to contact their mp's to do likewise.

Hi John
Another crusade for you, sorry.
I do not know if you have ever used the Papal payment system, but to bring you up to speed a lot of sellers on the internet a large one is EBAY in which 99% of their sellers insist on payments through Paypal, whereby you set up an account with Paypal and they pay all your transactions via your nominated credit card or bank account, but it seems that PAypal are now becoming somewhat of a dictator in the internet credit industry and people are being forced to use them or not buy on certain sites such as EBAy, as you know you have many rights with your credit card, mine is Barclaycard, where by if a transaction go's wrong under legistlation for consumer credit card protection, you put a claim in and they sort it out, I have had a few transactions go wrong and have been lucky and they have sorted the problems out and refunded my money, However with Paypal this is not so, as when you sign up to Paypal under there terms of service, neatly hidden away, there is a clause that you waiver the right to credit card protection against them, you can find out more by going to paypalsucks,com (please visit as it is so enlightning) where it is well documented, what is not documented is the fact that credit card companies are doing nothing about it, let's face it it is in their interest not too as it means less claims for them to sort out, I might be a bit paranoid as I am going through a dispute at the moment, but hypotheticaly what if credit card companies are in actual fact backing this as a means to circumvent the credit card act, and do you think that questions should be asked.
Please feel free to post where it will do most good.
By the way only found your site a few days ago, yet many people have shown interest, especialy about no credit card protection, which none of them like me new about. and more to follow when I pass on, keep up the good work.
Best regards
Brian D

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