My Money Is Being Held By PayPal

Paypal is awful, so is ebay, they did the same thing to me,  they gave no notice that they would hold money for three weeks.  Its my money not yours!  what is paypal  doing with everyone’s money?..ill tell you what they do,  they take money from hard working people trying to make ends meet and use our money to make investments and interests dishonestly. paypal/ebay will learn this is not how to run a business.  they are protected  the same way wall street is.  as always the big guy is taking advantage of the small guy, while we suffer waiting for money we need.  i have notified the better business bureau of this BS. can someone give me an answer as to how this is legal.  they are basicaqlly robbing peoples money for three weeks.  what if i bought something from a store and they couldnt use my money for three weeks!!!  This is insane!!!

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