My Problem With Paypal

Good morning,

     I am writing to you in regards to a problem I am having with Paypal. Five years ago, I opened an Ebay account and began using paypal as my means of payment. I was using a Visa check debit card. In five years, I have had no problem with paypal until this past weekend when I received an email stating I was almost at my limit of purchasing $10,000.00 on paypal and in order to continue using them I would have to supply my banks name, my checking account number, and the routing number in order to be verified.

     In the email, it was stated to prevent fraud. This morning, I called paypal customer service (1888-221-1161) and spoke to Marie. Marie explained that they were having problems collecting money, and this is why they placed the $10,000.00 limit and now want checking account information as well. I told Marie I had no intention of providing paypal with any information and also explained when I called the 1888 number, they had my phone number already.

     Also, I was asked for the last four numbers on my Visa card to verifiy who I was, so wouldn't that verifiy who I was? She went on to explain she understood what I was saying, but this was a paypal policy and in order to continue, I would have to provide this information. For some reason, paypal wants checking account numbers. and for months at check out, I was receiving a $10.00 offer if I added my bank account number. That I refused to do. Also, I'd like to add that I never sold on ebay and only bought.

     In my opinion, if paypal is having problems collecting money, then they should go to that source. In closing, I'd like to thank you for taking time reading this message, and should you need a copy of the paypal email that was sent, let me know and I will send it to you.


Stephen Ogletree

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