My Account Shut And Locked

     I recently used my brother's account to purchase something from ebay. Prior to the purchase, his account was updated and had no problems at all. We use the account regularly for business and personal use and never had any issues. However this time round, when I made the payment, the seller immediately mailed me and said that the payment is stuck and paypal is reviewing it and has opened a dispute claim.

     The seller responded so that the funds could be refunded to me (hopefully). Magically, 3 issues popped up in the paypal account that needed to be updated and resolved. So we entered the passwords, security question and lastly the bank account linked to it. After what seems like the 4th try, paypal says that we have the very last chance to enter the correct account number! Obviously, we have entered the correct account number! We couldn't be getting the number wrong NOW, after having this paypal account for such a long time.

     Alas, the 5th try was also an error, according to paypal. And we are magically locked out of our own account. Whenever we try to login now, we are riduculously transported to a page that says, "Sorry - your last action could not be completed" followed by a page of nonsensical server reasons. We have been trying for 5 days and the login is always directed to the "Sorry-..." page. We simply cannot access our account, look at the funds or keep track on the dispute at all, there is nothing we can see or do. Worse is, we have customers wanting to make payment to us via paypal, and now, we cannot even check or confirm if they have indeed paid or not.

     The worse is not over. Their customer service is atrocious. They are inefficient and stupid and they do not respond effectively and with urgency to the customer's problems. When we tell them over the phone about the "Sorry-..." page, they will claim that all is well, according to them looking at our login from their system. They claimed that we ARE NOT looking at the error page despite our repeated confirmation.

     What kind of service is that? It's bad that they are unable to unlock the account, but yet they try to deny the claims and frustrations of the user and refuse to see what the customer is viewing on their own webpage? Instead, he suggests to us that we should try to login again, at a later time. FYI we have tried to login for the past 5 days to no avail. Our problem does not concern server error, or lack of internet connection according to them. but it's a genuine problem Paypal created with everybody's account I believe! My personal account was also blocked and shut down by them last year.

     When I tried to contact them using my personal email address, they claimed that I am not a registered paypal user. Fair enough. But when they need to attain feedback or inform customers of any promotions or new implementations, they magically include me in the list of customers again and send me the emails to their surveys etc.

What great service.


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