Misled By Paypal


I linked my business ebay account to my friends business paypal account to start a new venture, having discussed it with ebay to ensure we were not breaking any rules or regulations, and 2 weeks after we did really well our paypal account was first limited then closed saying the paypal account was linked to other accounts that had previously been closed down and when i further started investigating, found that paypal had in actual fact contacted all my customers, in a round about way told them my account had been closed due to fraudulent activity and suggested they dont pay us, even though up to that point we had posted all purchases to customers and had been using the paypal posting service until it wasn’t working so we went to the post office and sent packages for which i had proof of posting, paypal proceeded to refund customers even though we sent their parcels and i could see my £1100 balance going down before my very eyes without being able to do anything about it

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