Minor With Major Issue


I was conducting business on eBay for five years. Randomly, eBay ended all my listings and decided to require me to send in a Proof of Identification. Unfortunately, since I am a minor, I could not provide the required information. One of my buyers filed a claim against me on eBay after this happened and I automatically lost it because of my age. So, I told my father to open an account. I used his account and listed and sold several items. The first day I list an item, eBay's Trust and Safety Team requires my father to send in his Proof of Identification. He does so and after calling eBay 5-10 times, they finally remove the restriction. After, I continue to sell items and I increase the selling limit as well. About 10 days after consistently selling items, another eBay department, the Seller Risk Management Team, decides to restrict my father's account again. They require him to send in both a Proof of Identity and Proof of Merchandise. So, we fax in my father's license and a telephone bill with my home address, once again, and we also sent in the receipt for the merchandise. After waiting 20 days and calling eBay at least twice a day, I finally get a response. The products I was selling were Apple products. I was getting them from an Apple Authorized Reseller, which was clearly listed on Apple's website. So, eBay claims that this company is not Apple Authorized and they say I am restricted from selling on eBay. After, I called eBay about 25 times and I was finally able to get on the phone with an English literate person who was able to access the Internet. I directed the supervisor to Apple's website and to my supplier's website, proving that my products were legitimate and Apple Authorized. The English-speaking eBay supervisor agrees with me and states that my account should not be restricted, but unfortunately, he does not have the ability to reinstate it. He said he has to file an appeal to the Seller Risk Management Team, which does not have any phone support. After about a week, the Seller Risk Management Team responds by simply saying that they are indefinitely restricting my account. So, once again, I call eBay about 25 times to get an English literate eBay supervisor, and I go through the same process I just stated. I go through this cycle about 5 or 6 times, each of which, the Seller Risk Management Team responds with the same nonsense. By then, numerous English-speaking eBay employees along with illiterate eBay employees had advised me that I should just sue eBay and stop calling them. I also realized that I have called eBay hundreds of times and have got nowhere with them. Unfortunately, due to the fact that I am a minor, and my father barely speaks any English, there was not a chance that I would be able to sue eBay. Before I continue, I would just like to state that over the previous 5 years and the numerous transactions I had with PayPal, I never had a bad experience. PayPal has provided me only with English-speaking employees, unlike eBay. So, just as I was giving up, hoping that my email to John Donahoe would help me out, I get an email from PayPal. PayPal wants me to send in the same information that eBay wanted. Sadly, my PayPal account was still under my name and not my father’s. I did not send any information to PayPal because I realized if they found out I was a minor, the situation could only get worse. Currently, I have about a thousand dollars stuck in my PayPal account for 180 days. I still do not truly feel hatred towards PayPal because I feel that they were influenced by eBay to require that information from me. On the other hand, I would gladly invest the rest my life in destroying eBay.

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