Massive Class Action Suits

 My account has been limited for some reason unknown to me.

     I had transfered money from my bank account in Belgium to my Paypal account, to be used for future purchases.

     I followed the instructions on the Paypal website to remove the limit on my account. I changed my password and my security questions. However, I did not confirm my credit card number, because I do not have one and have never given one to Paypal.

     It's months now, and they have my money. The problem is that you cannot contact them neither by e mail nor by phone, so how can you resolve the problem?

     If they have a policy to illegally block people's money, then they are subjecting themselves to massive class action suits. How can they not provide working contact information available? How can some one resolve the problem if you can't talk to them?

     I would be thankful if you can provide me with their e mail address...


Yasser K. Nasser


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