Made Too Much Money


PayPal locked my account after "too much money" was transferred to my account via sales on eBay.  I was working for an estate and started selling high priced items to repay debts through probate court, only to have my account frozen.  When I asked why, I received the runaround.  I HAD to supply my current information, tying me to my eBay information.  The Personal Representative of the estate had to supply their information and the death certificate.  Any and all information about selling these items and how I "hoped" to fulfill orders.  None of it made sense until I was able to get some information out of one customer service rep in which he stated that my account had been flagged for "possible money laundering."  It came down to that since I made over $2000 in one week of sales, the account was flagged, then suspended until I PROVED otherwise.  It still irks me today (this was back in 2005).

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