Made A Sale Account Closed

Hi,here is another one for you i guess not a new one tho! I opened an account on sunday gone the 13th - i made one sale and they closed my account on the Monday! I am a risk! and no proof who i am! why do they have a sending and receiving limit before they verify the account? if all they going to do is close you.  I sell toys and raise money for childrens clubs how can i be a risk! and holding the the money for 180 days - automated reply below as it dose not even match my case - i have no disputes it is a new account lol -
any advice on what to do with them ? can i fight them to open my account? as my customers want this as payment option
 Dear Andrew .........,

 Thank you for contacting PayPal regarding the status of your account.

 I completely understand your dissatisfaction with our decision to close
 down your PayPal account, as I understand that you would like to
 continue availing of our service. However, Mr ..........., the decision we
 have made is final and we will not be reopening your PayPal account due
 to the potential risk involved to us as a business.

 I would also like to assure you that this was purely a business decision
 that was made, and we are in no way accusing you of any wrongdoing. We
 are limited in the detail that we can discuss with you surrounding our
 decision, but I can advise that we will have taken factors into account
 factors such as the number of buyer disputes, the types of product being
 sold as well as your ability to provide documentation to us in order to
 verify your PayPal account activity and financial details, to name but a

When such a decision is made, PayPal will hold the funds in your balance
 for a period of 180 days in order to protect ourselves against the risk
 of reversals and chargebacks (It is 180 days due to this being the
 maximum timeframe that any buyer has to dispute a transaction with their
 credit card company, i.e. the maximum amount of time within which funds
 could potentially be reversed out of your account).

 After 180 days, if applicable, we'll contact you with information on how
 to withdraw any money in your PayPal account. You'll be able to transfer
 money to your bank account or request a wire transfer. You can't
 withdraw it now because we want to make sure that ther's money in your
 account to cover any payment reversals.

 If you'd like more information about our policies, please read our User
 Agreement. Click 'Legal Agreements' at the bottom of any PayPal page,
 and then click 'User Agreement for PayPal Service.'

 I realise that this is not the outcome you would have wished for but I
 do hope you will understand that this decision was made in accordance
 with our policy. While I cannot change this, I will make sure your
 objection is duly recorded.

 Yours sincerely,

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