Limited Without Any Rhyme Or Reason

Just the other day I have found my paypal account limited without any reason or rhyme. All I tried to do is pay for something on ebay (A twenty dollar item mind you) and it said my account was limited, even though I had bought something (a twelve dollar item) just the day before. I have not recieved any e-mails about or anything to why my account would be limited. I was left to assume that it was a big transaction on my paypal nearly a month ago. I know of the transaction too. It was a transaction of my fathers for work. His company has never bothered to bring up the possibility of online payment for it's costumers. Anyway, the costumer suggested paypal, we agreed, and they went forth with the payment. Unfortunately, roughly about a day later, the costumer called back in a completely different attitude, refusing my father's service and requesting to be refunded in full (Minus the 100-something dollar fee it cost to MAKE the transaction). So we had to comply and refund the money as soon as it went through. I, of couse, can only assume that's the problem. I've had my account probably around five years, if not longer, and it's never been hacked, limited, suspended, or anything, so why it is doing this now? All I know is I am NOT happy to have to deal with the phone service again, because last time I had do deal with them, I was on the phone 2 hours (at least) with a person who could not have learned English as thier first language. I was forced to repeat myself several times and forced to give my information roughly about five or six times, if not more. With that incident, all I was trying to do was fix something that got double charged on my account (A mistyped e-mail address that was supposed to recieve my money. The mistyped e-mail didn't even exist on a paypal, yet they wanted me to e-mail them and request my money be sent back). This is an aggravating problem nobody should have to deal with! They don't even ask you what the problem is! They just destroy your account and make it impossible for you to do anything! 

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