Learn From My Mistakes


This seller on EBay just got ripped off by PayPal. I sold an iPhone to someone in Belarus (first mistake - I was smart enough to block Ukrainian and Russian buyers, but neglected to block out any other former Soviet states!). Anyway, the sale and ship date were 12/2 via USPS Priority (mistake #2: don't ship ANYTHING out of the US without using FedEx, UPS, or USPS Express, so that it has a tracking number all the way to its destination!). Well, PayPal, morons that they are, quoted the buyer an estimated ship date from 12/12 to 12/16!!!! What? During the (worldwide) holiday season, a priority mail package is supposed to arrive in eastern Europe in less than 2 weeks???? Anyway, of course, it hadn't arrived by Christmas (who would expect it to, necessarily?), so, of course this guy opens an eBay case and because the item didn't arrive by the ARBITRARY AND NOT CONSIDERATE IF THE TIME OF YEAR date the PayPal gave him (not me), then PayPal sucked my money away and gave it back to him. The worst part is, as all sellers know, is that that guy WILL get his phone (if he didn't already) and he gets it for free, when I just paid EBay/PayPal over $130.00 FOR NOTHING!!!!! I would loooooove to get in on a class action suit with other sellers that were treated similarly due to PayPal's arbitrary shipping estimates. I'm not looking to make a dime, but I am looking to teach PayPal a lesson for how poorly it protects sellers from hustlers.

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