Keep Bank Information Private

Personally, I have used paypal to buy things, and they sent me a form by email to attach my bank account information to my paypal account.  Thank God I didn't do it.  However I have a merchant friend who used paypal, and was selling these machines that cost $2,500.00 and he sold one to a man.  Not long after that, the man died (had nothing to do with the product) and his now widow wife wanted her money back, and went to paypal, and they (Paypal) took the money out of my merchant friends account...$2,500.00 and gave the lady the money, and he NEVER was returned the machine that he had sent to the man!!  That hurts!!  He could not afford to just lose $2,500.00 like that!  Thank you for warning everyone about paypal, and I hope with this toolkit pro 2011 book that he can get the product back or his money back! Thanks Again!!

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