It Is Crap And It Stinks


E-Bay has turned into the robber barons of the former corrupt 19th century.  Their evil children PayPal and Bill Me Later will put every single roadblock in place to keep your money or add additional charges. They do not care about violating the Fair Credit Act with provisions of 802 Cease and Desist even with Certified Letters to them. They continue to call and harass people they claim owe them money. My account was closed, later hacked (E-Bay admitted that), and got a bill finally of $95 with a $35 late charge added to it before even knew about it although the account was paid in full some 9 months ago! They refuse to tell me what the charges were for unless I pay ten bucks for a paper copy of those charges. Cannot do this Police Report they claim they want to wipe out this debt. At one time they said would wipe out this $95 then they changed their mind and started collection efforts again. Cannot access the account online as the account was "frozen" by E-Bay and then later "closed" completely by them. Another horror story.

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