Issued Refund Without Verifying Return


My wife and I made a trip to Europe on September 11th.  Paypal sent me an email (unknown to me) on the 12th saying a claim had been filed by a buyer of a product I sold on ebay.  I was given the 10 days to respond, unknown to me and then they ruled in favor or the buyer and sent hime a refund without any input from me.  They also asked him to return the product.  I was surprised to return from vacation on October 12th and receive a call from Paypal collections for $2,030.  I told them I had no knowledge of the complaint and when the case was explaind to me, I told them it was an invalid complaint, that I had no opportunity to defend myself and asked for the case to be reopened.  They asked for payment first and then they said they would forward me to the department ot reopen the case.  I refused saying I didn't trust them and had not received the item back. They called several times more along with emails making threats of outside collection and froze my account there and with ebay.  I talked with them again asking for the case to be reopened and they said it was against policy to do so.  They ignored the fact that the buyer still had the item and Paypal was out $2,030 for stupidly sending him the refund before verifying that the item had been returned.  I attempted to close my Paypal account and do no more business with them or ebay, but that was not allowed.  I paid my bank $29 to deny Paypal access to my bank account.  I was an ebayer with over 2600 auctions--all 100% positive.  I have always treated my clients fairly and even ate some transactions that were no fair to me.  Paypal has cheated me out of money in the past on both sides of the complaints.  Their policies are unfair and they are not people friendly.  They do not listed to a thing you say to them--just parrot company policy and blow you off.  I stronly recommend a movement to stop doing business with them and force them into bankruptcy.  I know people are not going to do this as they are just too entrenched on the internet, but I truly believe payback in some form will eventually come to them as it has to netflix--another company who screwed me over--another story.
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