Incompetence Beyond Belief


Just phoned Paypal as a payment I made a week ago is STILL on hold in their resolution centre, despite their case report stating clearly that the case was closed 6 days past, and despite the restriction on my actual account being lifted after only a couple of hours of being in place.
First person transferred me to an answer phone asking me to call back after 8am.  This was at 9.30am.
So I call back.  After talking to them, it's clear they have cocked up by continuing to hold money in a closed case.  I ask PayPal why they have not responded to my numerous emails querying this matter. Their response? Apparently the dept. who deal with resolution centre cases do not handle emails relating to resolution centre cases.  I repeat this back to get the guy to confirm exactly what I just said, which he does.
Genius levels of incompetence.

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