I Tried To Do The Right Thing


I'm selling with my eshop for more than a year now.
Only 10 claims - 1 only was for damaged goods at reception. The 9 others were fixed the same day as the delivery was a little bit late!
Trying to get the problem of my customer solved, my account has been restricted.
I've passed 5 hours in 2 days trying to understand why and how i could solve this.

Trying to solve that problem, i've got restricted... all my appeal were rejected!
I gave them copy of my id, invoices for my customers, info on my company,... everything they've been asking for!

I had to put money on my account because due to the claim i had a negative saldo. They said that i would be reactivated once my account will be positive again. So I placed money on it. Instead of being reactivated as they said, i've been definitely banned from Paypal.
I called them again and got told that they didn't have to give me the reason why they decided to act so.

This business is all I have to pay my bills and feed my kids and I feel like this situation is just so abusive.
I've been proactive, 100% honest, answered all their damn questions, be patient, put money on my account and guess what... it is blocked for 180 days! how am i supposed to do now?!
My biggest mistake has been to be honest! I hate having unhappy customers and wanted to act fast to get the problem solved.
Actually, my customer accepted the goods delivery and then claimed it was damaged.
When you try to solve a claim you only get 3 options :
1 - refund 100%
2 - refund partially
3 - prove that everything is correct.
As it was 3/4 damaged i took the option 2 and refunded 3/4 of the order to the customer.
I've tried to get refunded by my carrier but he said the law is that all accepted goods becomes property of the customer and no claims about damage can be done after acceptation.
No reaction from the customer, I called Paypal saying i couldn't get reimbursed from my carrier and I was looking for a way to avoid to loose all the money.
Paypal told me that I decided to get over them and find an agreement with my customer i just couldn't reverse...and also ... that if I've left them make their work I wouldn't have had to pay for it as this was the client's fault.
I asked why they didn't tell me that on my previous calls and got answered :
"You can imagine we don't say that from start otherwise everybody would use this to make money on us."
So... being honest with Paypal brings you a lot of troubles and the end of your business!

This is just so abusive!

PS : sorry if it is not really clear, but my English is not perfect.

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