I Paid For PayPal Mixup


Paypal messed up addresses on 2 of my packages so 1 customer got the other customers stuff and vice versa. One of the customers was very nice about it and refused the package so I can get it back asap to send back out to the right address. Unfortunately the other customer was a butt hole and no matter what I did to please him he wasnt going to be pleased. He even filed a complaint with paypal after we agreed that he would send me package and I would discount him for the mess up. So after he filed the complaint I just agreed to refund him his full payment and told paypal I needed the product back. Well he shipped the product back after stomping on it a couple times. I notified paypal and they said they cant do anything about it. So I had to refund the other guy too because I cant give him the damaged product. Didnt have any money in paypal so they automatically paid him and I was in the hole with them. Well needless to say I refused to pay them back.

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