I Made Too Much Money

My story is like others who have posted on here, My Name is Nancy and I have been Resticted by Paypal, On November 16th I had an account limitation placed on my account, why? because I made too much money. Paypal wanted PROOF that my items weren't counterfeit or stolen, I submitted an invoice that I received 3 times!!!!!! they kept "losing it" finally after a few hours "investigating" I was permanately banned, probably from some little pipsqueak who was DENIED stamp happy that day, oddly on the invoice I sent it had my suppliers contact information, yet he was not contacted, I contacted two attorneys that told me the same thing Paypal is a Credit Card Merchant they have no right by law to with hold your money, if Ebay thought my activity was suspicious they could have easily requested more documentation they did not. The attorneys both in fact said I had a very valid claim and they believed a lawsuit would hold up, however I don't have 2500.00 to give away as a retainer, they made a few suggestions file a complaint with the Bettter Business Bureau, find a consumer protection agency in my state, and keep calling and emailing Paypal. I called back again last night and actually spoke with a decent gentleman named Tremain, after expressing how their investigation didn't even lead to a phone call to my supplier, he was able to talk to my supplier and send in another appeal, still haven't heard anything but i'm holding out a little hope seeing others stories on here I feel a decision has already been made and they are just wasting my time. A question to everyone out there how do we get the government involved? we all know these are illegal practices. I am going to do more research today and to those of you out there go to your browser and type in bbb paypal and file a complaint, let's bombard them!!!!!

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