I Hate PayPal


I just wrote below to PayPal.
I HATE PayPal. I just spoke with 3 PayPal agents, and asked to escalate to a supervisor. I spoke with Ash. She said she was recording my comments and would submit them.
So here's how your policies have turned me from someone who just within the past two weeks lauded you, to someone who riles against you. I have emailed both people and told then I did an "about face." Further, I have found sites like http://www.screw-paypal.com/index.html and http://aboutpaypal.org/ - and am dropping in my story - and doing such on similar reviews.
The issues:
(1) I made a payment for $336 on Dec. 5, and selected my credit card as the source. I paid and thought it was done.
(2) I weeks later discovered that because I had about $323 in my PaPal account, PayPal overrode my decision to charge my credit card, and pulled instead from my PayPal account.
The issue. I can understand that this is your policy. If you were truly customer focused, you would have an alert popup stating that the PayPal system always first pulls from the account if it has funds. One of the reps with whom I spoke noted that, "This is listed in our policies..." I',m sure it is - along with 10 gazillion other things. Again, if you were customer-focused, you would do customers the courtesy of informing us when our decisions about funding sources were being overruled. This is NOT a difficult alert to create. You are not customer-focused.
(2) So PayPal pulls funds form the $323 in my account. However, that's $13 short of the amount 'm sending. So it charges the remainder to my credit card - AND THEN CHARGES ME A $10 FEE FOR THIS!! I know I would have been charged a fee had the entire amount been drawn from my credit card. That's fine. However, it was NOT drawn from my credit card.
I'm angry enough that the system overrode my choice of funding source without informing me. That's just total disregard for your customer. But then to charge me $10 on a $13 transaction!!??!! One of the reps with whom I spoke gave me some legalese explanation about fees associated with blah-blah-blah, and that I would have been charged that amount had the entire fee pulled from my credit card. That would have been understandable. However, it DID NOT pull from my credit card.
So what's the cost to you. You have made an enemy. I will be a walking dis-advertisement, and will make my sentiments known on PayPalSucks and similar websites, on Facebook, on yelp...
Yes, I will continue to use you, given that you are one of the major "highways" in the world of online payments, and I do have to get around. That said, I will NEVER keep money in my PayPal account; I will almost ALWAYS draw directly from my bank account to avoid any fees; I will look for and use alternatives; and I will speak ill of you to all who pass my way.
You create policies towards your customers like this, you will get customer-from-hell karma payback.

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