I Had No Idea Of The Horror Stories With Paypal


I was somewhat new to PayPal, so I had no idea of the horror stories. I had just recently started my business, and for the most part, things were looking pretty bright. That is, until PayPal sent me an e-mail telling me that my account had been limited. Funny thing, is the NEXT DAY they send me another email stating that they wish to "part ways" with me, and that my $6,000 that I had earned legally, through my business, was being held for 180 days. I call, of course outraged, but the customer service rep. could not give me any reasoning as to why it was being closed. She simply said " They don't tell us alot." wow. So, I call again after I shake off the complete shock. This time the lady tells me that it's "probably" because there was ((a)) personal transaction, a $300 personal transaction through my business account. That was "probably" the reason. Oh, and there's no manager you can speak to.. no nothing. She told me, in a pretty polite manner, that I was screwed and for the most part the money was gone until they choose to bring it back to life. Wow. That $300 was a down payment for a business transaction. And even if that were true, wouldn't it make sense simply to hold the $300, rather than the whole $6,000. I'm fed up

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