I Do Not Trust eBay Or Paypal


As an individual user who uses both ebay and paypal maybe 10x per year for transactions that are generally under $20 I have had numerous issues. Oh and I did I mention that a year or so ago I finally succumbed to giving out my bank info only to find it is no longer there! I don't want to have to give my SS#, bank info or whatever unless I am making a payment, which I prefer do to on a credit card. I have been through multiple attempts to verify this account yet AGAIN in order to accept a $20 payment for an item I listed on ebay 2nd hand. I don't trust ebay or paypal with my personal info. I work in the IT field - I know that this information is leaked and hackable and despite best practices is only so secure. I also don't think as an individual I should have to go through all this. There is no reason I cannot receive a payment via paypal. I also noticed the nice high fee they have added to any payments that originate from ebay auctions. And did I mention their customer service stinks!

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