I Can Not Use Or Close My Account


Hi, I have made a paypal account in early october 2011. i added my bank account and my debit card straight away. a few days after, i deactivated my debit card as it was stolen. i then requested for a new one, and once i received it, added it onto my paypal account. i can't seem to delete the information of either of my debit cards, and since it was reported stolen, not only was my account limited due to that, but apparently i suddenly had to confirm that my phone number had to be confirmed. when i clicked the link to resolve the problem, it said 'This system is unavailable at this time. Please try again later.' every single time i clicked the link (which has been at least three times a week since october), this message popped up. i attempted removing my account, but paypal prevented me, stating that i need full access to do so. evidently i cannot gain full access as paypal wont let me delete my debit cards, nor will it let me authenticate my phone number.

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