I Can Not Get My Money From PayPal


I can't get my money from paypal. This is the second time it has happened. I have tried repeatedly to call and explain the situation to them. I listed a laptop on ebay a short time before I left on a business trip. The laptop sold but the man wasn't paying very quick. I left on my business trip and had no idea the buyer eventually paid. Buyer left a claim with ebay, ebay reimbursed him and sent a collection agency after me. Paypal wouldn't release my funds so I could pay the collection agency. Finally got them to release the funds after 90 days. This time I sold an xbox for $261. I shipped the item and later that day found out my account had been limited. Called paypal and they said they linked my old account to my new one and limited my new one. I just barely shipped the xbox and am out $261. I'm starting college and am on a limited income. I really can't afford for my money to be tied up for half a year.

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