I Can Not File Appeal


I sent a package to the United Kingdom about a month before Christmas.  Before doing so I took a scan of the addressed package, customs form and the jewelry.  I then mailed off the package and the customs number was entered into the USPS system to show that it was mailed.  Shortly afterwards I found out that the buyer filed a dispute with paypal claiming that they never received the item.  I sent proof that the package was mailed which included the scan and the customs number.  Because first class international mail does not provide tracking information in the UK there was no proof that the item was delivered so paypal refunded the money to the buyer.  To me this is totally unfair since I had proof that the item was mailed plus I have no control over what the post office does once an item has been mailed.  I was told that I can't appeal the decision unless I can provide proof that the item was actually delivered.  Since the buyer now has the item for free I don't see any way to prove this and I am now out of money.

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