I Used To Work For Paypal


I had my first experience of PayPal taking the buyers side the other day (wrongly) and would love to see this toolkit.  I am now looking at actual merchant providers since I am not going to put up with being charged back and have to accept returns when my sites specifically say no returns.  Irony is, I used to actually work for eBay and PayPal!!!!  
I run multiple websites that offer deep discount products with the understanding (it is also stated in the Terms and FAQ) that all sales are final.  I had one jerk of a buyer that I bent over backwards after he claimed Fex Ex didn't deliver a bag I sold to him.  It was 60% off retail in a deal I set up with the manufacturer.  I sent a second bag, at my cost to him.  He gets it and says, oh its to small I don't like it.  The dimensions were on the website with the original sale.  He puts a Significantly not as described claim, but never once said how it was not as described, just that when he got it it was to small!!!  He wants to send it back.  I sent in all my documentation, email string, the two fed ex tracking numbers and even links to my FAQ and terms and they still sided with him.


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