Have To Sell 25 Items To List Restrictions


I have been a member of pay pal and ebay since 2008.
Now I have this 21 day restriction! And 99.9 percent of the time I have to call to get it released! When I called paypal They said at that it was a 90 day thing! Well this has been since august of 2011, way over the 90 days! they said that ebay put the restriction on! So I called ebay! They said that in order for the restriction to stop I have to sell 25 items! why 25???? So I have to sell 8 more items to get off restriction that wasn't necessary to begin with! So if they can hold all that money in there bank why can't I get the interest? And why when I have 200 or so in my account but on hold, why is it that when I order something and use my checking account it takes 3 days to clear? When you go to a gas station it goes through! When paypal takes it out of your checking it comes out of my back immediately but the seller has to what for it to clear?

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